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Welcome to Southern California Camping, your online guide to the great outdoor recreational areas in the 'backcountry' of California. Our goal is to provide you with a terrific online experience, where you can find the information you need to get out there all in one place. We have an extensive (and growing!) database of campsites, trails, fishing spots and other 'Places to GO, Things to DO and People to SEE', all in your backyard: the hills, mountains and deserts of southern California.

I started this website in 2004 to fill what I saw as a need for a single database of federal, state, county, local and private campgrounds. We added a lot more since then, which I hope you'all will find useful.

As for me, I've been camping around the mountains and deserts of Southern California since my Boy Scout days back in the '60s. My personal favorite campsite? Its a wide spot on a dirt road, just a little south of the middle of nowhere. Hard to get to, but oh so scenic.

Questions or comments? Contact me at jroldham @ socalcamping.com... and if you stumble across us out in the field, stop by to say hello.

Thank you and enjoy this website,