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  Stockton Flat       3417'49"N  11735'47"W Elevation 5876'  
    Site 9 Site 5 Topographic map of area
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  Access: Take the 15 freeway north, exit Sierra just before Cajon Pass. Sierra has multiple names on maps, such as Lytle Creek Road, Stockton Flat Road, Baldy Road, etc. The number for this road is 3N06. Keep going, the pavement ends near the Shooting range, continue up the rocky, dusty road. Stockton Flat is the prominent flat area reached just before 3N06 makes a left turn (heading south) and ascends the mountain to Baldy Notch. Due to recent landslide activity there is a locked gate that prevents motorized travel up to the ski lifts.  
  Facilities: Each of the 6 'yellow post sites' within Stockton Flat has a fire ring, a few have picnic tables. None have bathrooms, none have trash service. Each has room for 2-5 vehicles and tents.  
  Season: Seasonal - Spring through Fall.  
  Fees: No fees, but an Adventure Pass is required.  
  Nearby Hiking Trails: 3N06 can be hiked passed the locked gate, up to Mt Harwood and Mt San Antonio. To the north is Gobblers Knob and access to The Pacific Crest Trail.  
  Nearby 4x4 Trails: Many options are available to the offroader: 3N06B continues up Lytle Creeks north fork, 4 more campsites (yellow post sites 10 through 13) are located. Just outside of Stockton Flat, 3N33 heads north to intersect 3N31, which can be taken west to Gobblers Knob, or east all the way back to Applewhite Campground with great views of the San Andreas Fault and the Cajon Ampitheather along the way.  
  Comments: Stockton Flat is a semi-remote area tucked under Mt San Antonio (Old Baldy) along the upper section of Lytle Creeks north fork. The road in starts out paved but becomes quite rocky once you pass the shooting range. When dry, 4-wheel drive is not required, but some ground clearance is! This area is fairly quiet and semi-remote, and the individual sites are well spaced apart for good privacy.  
  Current Weather: Click here for the current 'pointcast' for this spot. ('Pops up' in a new window)  
  Managing Agency: US Forest Service  
  This information is generally reliable, but not guaranteed. Use this information at your own risk. Outdoor conditions can change rapidly. Sometimes long periods go by between the time our web pages are updated, so you may find the conditions on any road, trail or campsite are very different from the descriptions given above. Be prepared to make alternate plans. Plan ahead, do some research and make sure you have a map and compass and plenty of backbone. Whenever possible, call the managing agency for a current update before you travel. And carry an extra pair of dry socks, just in case.