'How To' Manuals
for Outdoor Recreation

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In his essay on Industrial Tourism, Edward Abbey (1927-1989) noted that many Americans had long ago forgotten how to "saddle a horse, read a topographical map, follow a trail over slickrock, memorize landmarks, build a fire in rain, treat snakebite, rappel down a cliff, glissade down a glacier, read a compass, find water under sand, load a burro, splint a broken bone, bury a body, patch a rubber boat, portage a waterfall, survive a blizzard, avoid lightning, cook a porcupine, comfort a girl during a thunderstorm, predict the weather, dodge falling rock, climb out of a box canyon..." among other things.
Well, its been many years since I lost my Boy Scout Manual, but we can re-learn some of these things. Here is an extensive listing of 'How To' manuals, powered by eHOWS.com. View any topic, and just hit your 'back' button to return to this listing.

  eHows: The Ultimate 'How To' Manual for outdoor recreation
  Clear Instructions on How To Do (just about) Everything


  Build a Campfire
  How to Prevent Getting Poison Oak
  Buy Camping Cookware
  Buy Camping Gear Online
  Buy a Battery-Operated Lantern for Camping
  Buy a Camping Stove
  Buy a Camping Stove as a Gift
  Buy a Candle Lantern for Camping
  Buy a Car Camping Jacket
  Buy a Car Camping Sleeping Bag
  Buy a Fuel-Burning Lantern for Camping
  Buy a Tent for Your Child
  Buy the Perfect Tent
  Camp With Minimal Impact in the Winter
  Camp With Minimum Impact
  Choose Between Camping Lanterns
  Choose a Flashlight for Camping
  Choose a Winter Tent Site
  Create a Gift Basket for an Outdoor Enthusiast
  Keep Your Tent From Collapsing Under Snow
  Lead a Backpack Trip
  Live Off the Land
  Make Fire Starters
  Manage Stress Reactions to Wilderness Emergencies
  Organize Camping Equipment
  Organize a Hunting Trip
  Pack for a Camping Trip
  Pitch Your Tent in the Snow
  Prevent Your Camera From Freezing During Winter Camping
  Prevent an Injured Person From Getting Pneumonia
  Roast a Marshmallow
  Take Fire Safety Precautions While Camping in a Trailer
  Take Fire Safety Precautions With Campfires and Grills
  Treat an Avalanche Victim
  Use a Kerosene Heater Safely
  Wash a Sleeping Bag
  Watch a Meteor Shower

  Rock Climbing

  Buy Rock Climbing Shoes
  Buy Rock-Climbing Equipment
  Buy Shoes for Bouldering
  Buy Your First Climbing Harness
  Buy Your First Climbing Rope
  Buy a Belay Device and Locking Carabiners
  Buy a Crash Pad for Bouldering
  Buy a Harness for Ice Climbing
  Buy a Helmet for Rock Climbing
  Carry a Camera on a Rock Climb
  Carry a Water Bottle on a Rock Climb
  Climb a Chimney in Rock Climbing
  Climb a Jam Crack in Rock Climbing
  Climb a Slab in Rock Climbing
  Clip a Bolt in Rock Climbing
  Do a Resection With a Map and Compass
  Dress for Bouldering
  Equalize an Anchor in Rock Climbing
  Find a Climbing Gym in Your Area
  Fit Your First Pair of Climbing Shoes
  Haul a Haul Bag in Rock Climbing
  Inspect Yourself and Your Partner Before Climbing
  Learn to Rock Climb
  Pick a Boulder Problem
  Place a Stopper in Rock Climbing
  Prevent Finger Injuries While Bouldering
  Pull an Overhang in Rock Climbing
  Rappel With a Heavy Load
  Remove a Camming Device
  Remove a Stopper or Hex
  Spot Someone Who Is Bouldering
  Stay Alive and Uninjured Climbing
  Tie Into a Climbing Rope
  Tie Into an Anchor
  Train for Bouldering
  Use Bouldering to Train for Rock Climbing
  Use Climbing Commands Properly

  Clothing and Gear

  Buy Athletic Shoes
  Buy Gaiters
  Buy Leg Wear for Cool-Weather Exercise
  Buy Quality Pants for the Outdoors
  Buy Skates
  Buy Thermal Underwear
  Buy Trekking Poles
  Buy Upper Wear for Cool-Weather Exercise
  Buy a Backpack
  Buy a Backpacking Stove
  Buy a Day Pack
  Buy a Day Pack as a Gift
  Buy a Fanny Pack
  Buy a First Aid Kit as a Gift
  Buy a Fly-Fishing Kit
  Buy a Handheld GPS System
  Buy a Headlamp
  Buy a Personal Flotation Device
  Buy a Properly Fitted Helmet
  Buy a Sleeping Bag as a Gift
  Buy a Sleeping Bag for Your Child
  Buy a Sleeping Pad
  Buy a Snow Shovel for Backpacking
  Buy a Swiss Army Knife as a Gift
  Buy a Tent
  Buy a Wet Suit
  Buy an Altimeter
  Buy an Outdoor Hat
  Buy an Outdoor Hat as a Gift
  Buy the Optimal Sleeping Bag
  Fix Lumpy Down
  Fix a Torn Sleeping Bag
  Fix a Torn Tent
  Patch Leaking Boots
  Prevent Your Camera From Freezing During Winter Camping
  Repair a Ripped Wetsuit
  Replace Washers in a Lantern
  Replace a Grommet in a Tent
  Replace a Mantle in a Lantern
  Unjam a Sleeping-Bag Zipper


  Add Tippet to the Fly-Fishing Line
  Basic Cast in Fly-Fishing
  Buy Fly-Fishing Gear
  Buy Fly-Fishing Line
  Buy Fly-Fishing Waders
  Buy a Basic Fly Set for Fly-Fishing
  Buy a Fishing Rod
  Buy a Fly Box
  Buy a Fly-Fishing Kit
  Buy a Fly-Fishing Net
  Buy a Fly-Fishing Reel
  Buy a Fly-Fishing Starter Set as a Gift
  Buy a Fly-Fishing Vest
  Buy a Fly-Tying Kit as a Gift
  Buy a Spinning Rod
  Buy an Accessories Kit for Fly-Fishing
  Care for Fly-Fishing Flies
  Care for a Fly-Fishing Rod and Reel
  Cast to Your Target in Fly-Fishing
  Catch Bass
  Catch Catfish
  Catch Crappie
  Catch Trout
  Choose a Fly-Fishing Rod
  Clean a Fish
  Cure Salmon Eggs to Use for Bait
  Deal With Wind While Fly-Fish Casting
  Decide Which Fishing Hook to Use
  Extract a Fish Hook From Skin
  False Cast in Fly-Fishing
  Find a Fly-Fishing School
  Fish From a Boat
  Fish for King Salmon
  Fish for Red Salmon
  Fish for Salmon From Riverbanks
  Fish for Silver Salmon
  Fix a Fishing Rod Tip
  Go Sport Fishing
  Hire a Fly-Fishing Guide
  Knot the Backing to the Fly-Fishing Reel
  Land a Fish in Fly-Fishing
  Land a Salmon
  Load Fly-Fishing Line on a Rod and Reel
  Locate a Fishing Spot by Triangulation
  Pack a Fresh Water Tackle Box
  Plan a Fishing Trip to Alaska
  Put a Fly-Fishing Rod and Reel Together
  Put a New Line on a Fishing Rod
  Raise Crickets for Fish Bait
  Raise Fishing Worms
  Release a Fish in Fly Fishing
  Rig a Fishing Rod
  Roll Cast in Fly-Fishing
  Set a Hook When Fly-Fishing
  Sidearm Cast in Fly-Fishing
  Strip Fly-Fishing Line
  Tie a Fly to a Fly-Fishing Line
  Tie the Fly-Fishing Line to the Backing
  Tie the Fly-Fishing Line to the Leader
  Untangle a Snarled Fishing Line
  Use a Minnow Bucket Aerator
  Wade Safely While Fly-Fishing

  Hiking and Backpacking

  Adjust Your Attitude Toward Winter Backpacking
  Break In Hiking Boots
  Buy Backpacking Cookware
  Buy Backpacking Gloves
  Buy Backpacking Rain Gear
  Buy Books to Read While Backpacking
  Buy Desert Hiking Pants
  Buy Food for a Backpacking Trip
  Buy Hiking Boots
  Buy Hiking and Backpacking Shorts
  Buy Hiking and Backpacking Socks
  Buy Trekking Poles
  Buy Trekking Poles as a Gift
  Buy a Backcountry Water Filter
  Buy a Backpack Cover
  Buy a Backpack for a Woman
  Buy a Backpacking Lantern
  Buy a Backpacking Parka
  Buy a Backpacking Sleeping Bag
  Buy a Backpacking Stove
  Buy a Child's Backpack
  Buy a Dog Pack
  Buy a Hiking Shell
  Buy a Warm-Weather Windbreaker
  Buy an External-Frame Backpack
  Buy an External-Frame Backpack as a Gift
  Buy an Internal-Frame Backpack
  Buy an Internal-Frame Backpack as a Gift
  Camp With Minimal Impact in the Winter
  Choose Food for Cold Weather Backpacking
  Choose a Backpacking Backpack
  Cook in the Rain When Backpacking
  Cook in the Snow When Backpacking
  Deal With a Blister While Hiking
  Dress for a Backpacking Trip
  Drink Enough Water When Backpacking in the Winter
  Keep Your Feet Warm When Backpacking in the Winter
  Keep Your Hands Warm When Backpacking in the Winter
  Keep Your Head Warm When Backpacking in the Winter
  Keep Your Tent From Collapsing Under Snow
  Keep Your Water Bottle From Freezing When Backpacking
  Light a Fire in the Rain When Backpacking
  Light a Fire in the Snow When Backpacking
  Load a Backpack
  Load a Backpack Properly
  Manage Stress Reactions to Wilderness Emergencies
  Maximize Safety on a Winter Hike
  Pack a Picnic for a Day Hike
  Pack and Carry Cold-Weather Backpacking Gear
  Pack for a Day Hike
  Pitch Your Tent in the Snow
  Plan a Day Hike
  Practice Hiking Etiquette
  Prevent Your Camera From Freezing During Winter Camping
  Survive an Avalanche
  Survive an Encounter With a Bear
  Survive an Encounter With a Coyote
  Survive an Encounter With a Mountain Lion
  Survive an Encounter With a Rattlesnake or Scorpion
  Take a Baby on a Hike
  Use a Geometric Compass
  Wear a Backpacking Backpack

  River Rafting

  Camp on a River Rafting Trip
  Choose a River Raft
  Choose a Safe Course Through Rapids
  Ferry a Raft Across a River
  Fix a Hole in a Raft
  Maintain a River Raft
  Paddle a River Raft
  Plan a Course Through Rapids
  Prepare for a River Rafting Trip
  Repair a River Raft
  Rescue a River Raft
  Row a River Raft
  Understand River Rapid Rating Systems
  Wear a Life Jacket


  Approach a Bumpy Trail on a Snowmobile
  Buy a Snowmobile
  Drive a Snowmobile
  Remove a Stuck Snowmobile From Powder Snow
  Start a Snowmobile
  Tow a Snowmobile


  Attach Snowshoes to a Backpack
  Buy Snowshoes
  Carry Skis on Your Pack While Snowshoeing
  Carry a Snowboard on Your Pack While Snowshoeing
  Choose Between Snowshoeing and Skiing
  Choose Shoes for Snowshoeing
  Coordinate a Search After an Avalanche
  Cross Ice on Snowshoes
  Dress for Snowshoeing
  Equip Yourself for Snowshoeing
  Follow Trail Etiquette While Snowshoeing
  Get in Shape for Snowshoeing
  Glissade on Snowshoes
  Herringbone Uphill on Snowshoes
  Maintain and Care for Snowshoes
  Make Your Own Snowshoe Trail
  Outfit Your Dog for Snowshoe Treks
  Perform a Rest Step While Snowshoeing
  Sidestep Uphill on Snowshoes
  Spot Potential Avalanche Danger
  Stamp While Snowshoeing
  Stretch After Snowshoeing
  Stretch Before Snowshoeing
  Turn on Snowshoes
  Use Poles With Snowshoes
  Walk Downhill on Snowshoes
  Walk Uphill in Snowshoes

  Horseback Riding

  Back Up on a Horse
  Buy a Saddle Pad
  Camp With Your Horse
  Canter Your Horse
  Dismount a Horse
  Dress for Horseback Riding
  Emergency Dismount From a Horse
  Halt a Horse
  Hold a Horse's Reins
  Jump on Horseback
  Learn to Ride a Horse
  Mount a Horse
  Ride Bareback
  Ride English-Style
  Ride Horseback
  Ride Western-Style
  Tack a Horse
  Teach Your Horse to Pick Up a Hoof
  Trot Your Horse
  Untack a Horse
  Walk a Horse